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Trillium Solutions is an Ontario-based Consulting firm with clients across the province. Since it’s creation in 2011 we have honed our business to fulfill the need for a comprehensive end-to-end management and implementation experts. Five years on, our clients remain completely satisfied with our complete business solutions.

 Peter Pakalnis

Technology and Marketing

Peter Pakalnis is highly skilled in relationship management, and providing training programs and workplace tutorials for existing systems and on newly implemented technology. Having worked with politicians, candidates, managers, and corporate executives, Peter has the experience to adapt to ever-changing work parameters and effectively employ complete strategies. By utilizing his exceptional presentation skills in stimulating individual learning environments, Peter ensures that the work Trillium Solutions conducts is clearly understood by our clients.

Peter works extensively to maintain an up-to-date knowledge base of technological systems. He has the expertise and knowledge to look at an existing workplace system and provide simple, efficient, and clear solutions to reduce costs and increase productivity thanks to the tools becoming available every day.

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Craig Draeger

Communications and Administration

Craig specializes in communications, marketing, and policy writing. He has worked extensively as a broadcaster and writer—as well as an editor and administrator—for various publications and media outlets. Additionally, he has experience in political planning and counselling, having worked on various election campaigns at the local, provincial, and federal levels in a management capacity.

Craig’s comprehensive background in long-term project planning and political organizing lends him an uncommonly goal-oriented vision that always serves the needs of our clients. He effectively uses this nuanced understanding of media relations and political strategy to devise and execute every project he undertakes. He is experienced at writing clear and concise policies, and he will use this skill to craft the guiding documents for your project.

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“Fantastic work every time. I am very happy to trust my marketing products to Trillium.”
DALJIT NIRMAN • President of Nirman's Law